Monday, January 16, 2012

Kitchen Project

I took a break from cleaning and reorganizing the apartment (because that's what you do on a day off right?) to work on a little craft project. A couple of months ago I had printed out some of my favorite food photos from my blog. This was very tough as there are so many yummy pictures that I am in love with. I had wanted to do some kind of art project in the kitchen with them but couldn't figure out what without spending a gazillion dollars on frames which seemed a little bit to fancy for the kitchen anyway. Today inspiration struck! I don't really use my kitchen white board a lot. I only use it to hold recipes I want to try, groceries I need to buy, and kids art work (which was easily moved to the fridge).
It was hard to decide which pictures to put up but I went with ones that were extra special or yummy. After the jump are the full size pictures and explanations!

The before picture:
The after picture:
Not only was it the best cookies'n'cream ice cream I've had in years but it was our first "big kid" vacation. It doesn't hurt that I have a weakness for lakes.
Shortly after moving to Philly we had Mr. Lawyer's family over for dinner, it was the most people I had ever cooked for....and no one got sick!
Beer Rainbow
Philly Beer Week with Ryan and Ana. There was great beer, a torrential downpour, puddle jumping and we met a monk that brewed beer. Great times, great friends.
The first cake Amanda and I ever "professionally" decorated for a mini college reunion. The Yankee fans weren't thrilled but they ate it anyway.
I'm madly in love with this recipe and these plates. That is all.
Backyard Lunch Heaven
One of my many quesadilla lunches in my Syracuse house that I miss dearly. I loved that back porch and yard. So much sunshine.
Mr. Lawyer's famous Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies that he makes me whenever I'm having a rough time. 
Making desserts for the family reunion in my Grandma Nancy's kitchen with her Sunbeam mixer that is waaaaay older than I am. 

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  1. The new board design looks great. So nice to see all your special pictures again.