Thursday, September 15, 2011

An Eating Journey

There is currently a not so tiny tent drying in my living room which prohibits be from watching tv and mostly confines me to the couch so I mind as well start up a Guinea Pig Kitchen Special Edition Post: Being One With Nature (aka the Vacation of 3 Lakes). Also: "Our 1st Big Kid Vacation" or "A Tale of Non-Stop Eating". But hey, we didn't kill each other so here we go!
P.S. New Hampshire made me hungry...wonder why?

Stop 1: Cazenovia Lake to see my family.
Eating: A huge home-made Italian dinner complete with one of Grandma's amazing salads! The eggplant parm was made with eggplants and tomatoes from the garden.
A boy, his reel and a bottle of scotch!
Breakfast of Champions: Hoffman Coney. Absolutely. To. Die. For.
Dad: You really want a coney for breakfast?
Me: Yes.
Dad: Well you're an adult now....And it's vacation so it doesn't count right?
Me: Can we just start the grill?
Stop #2: Otsego Lake, Cooperstown to see my family friends.
Eating: Good old home cooking by Karin, who knows no small portions and believes in "second dessert". I'm always amazed that the two summers I lived on lake were some of my skinniest. Dinners included slow cooker mushroom pork the first night followed by lasagna on the lake and many, many treats.
Lunch at my favorite sandwich place ever, the one and only Danny's for a Chicken Dilemma. We even got my favorite window seat so we could people watch! We also stopped at the Cider Mill to pick up yummies for the trip. One of the best decisions we made was picking up a 1/4 peck of apples for strategic munching.
What? A freezer full of four different kinds of Klondike Bars you don't want to move out of the lake house? I've got your back. What would YOU do for a Klondike Bar on a beautiful lake?! (the answer would be almost get stranded at the lake due to severe flooding which would have put a serious crimp in your awesome vacation. Speaking of which, can you see the dock in this picture? The dock that is normally a good 1-2 feet above the water but currently a foot under the water?).
Time for Second Dessert? I'm down. Homemade apple pie in from of a campfire. Sweet.
P.S. I asked for a little piece and got 1/5 of the pie....
Stop 2.5: On the road again!
Eating: nothing like a good old Stewart's Coffee and Wasabi snack mix from the Cider Mill.
Stop 3: Lake Winnipesaukee, NH
Eating: Non-stop awesomeness from Mr. Lawyer's childhood. 
Day 1: Starting with a quick stop to the Tamarack for a lobster roll when we rolled into the Lake Winnipesaukee area around lunchtime. It was all lobster and "not all soupy and mayo-ish" to quote the boy. Plus the sign was adorable and they had brightly colored picnic tables.
 All lobster and yumminess. 
 That face says it all.
Next up was the Mill for some shopping and Giuseppe's for dinner. We sat over near those green umbrellas. Again with the lovely outdoor seating!
We went for a hike before dinner and started off healthy by getting their famous antipasto. 
The healthiness didn't last too long but look at all those veggies!
Then dessert. Oh lovely dessert. We went to the Town Docks/C-Man Ice Cream (formerly known as Franken Sundae) for some of the best ice cream I have had in a while. I decided on Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough which I have not had in years and it was amazing! Back in the day (of yore kinsman!) it was just cookie dough chunks in plain old vanilla ice cream but this ice cream....oh my. They made the actual ice cream taste like cookie dough and had a ton of chunks in it. It was all brown-sugary and lovely. This was one of my favorite meals on vacation (along with Polly's), it is also one of my favorite pictures. 
We wrapped up Day 1 with some Blue Moon Pumpkin Beer and a game of Moose Farkel. Ha.
Day 2: We were up early and in what would become an ongoing vacation joke, Mr. Lawyer drove me 45 minutes into the country so I could visit Via Lactea Farms. Their website is here, they have a beautiful farm and offer a wide variety of products. I guess growing up in a small town and having parents that always supported local businesses makes me more inclined to check out the less touristy spots. Plus we all know I have a soft spot for cheese and wine so when it was my turn to decided on an activity I whipped out the brochure on local wineries and creameries (sadly no local breweries were located in our area). Mr. Lawyer made fun of me for wanting to go to a goat farm until he had some of the garlic and chive goat cheese we picked up. It is divine. Plus they had two super cute beagles at the farm so he stopped picking on me.
This cheese would have been amazing on a toasted bagel for breakfast!
Speaking of compliment my cheese trip we ended up at Stone Gate Vineyard (website here!) Another small family run place with lovely people and yummy wines. We picked up a couple of bottles.
That night was our sunset/full moon dinner cruise on the M/S Mount Washington! We were the youngest people there by a good 15-20 years but there's nothing like a large group of sloshed middle aged people getting down on the dance floor. It was like prom or a wedding. Standard wedding type buffet and we got to eat on the upper deck outside! It was gorgeous. Great sunset, great moonrise, clear night. 
Day 3: Our Inn had a great complimentary breakfast set up but since I had granola every morning I didn't bother with any pictures. On day 3 we moved to our campsite and I blew Mr. Lawyer's mind away with a kick ass fancy picnic for lunch (he had no idea half that stuff was in the car). He has always made fun of me and my sweet picnic backpack and yet twice I have used it to surprise him with awesome and secret picnics. Back in Syracuse  I packed an awesome gourmet picnic, threw him in a car without telling him the destination and drove him off to Chimney Bluffs at Lake Ontario because he had never been to a Great Lake and wanted to see one. Bonus Points: after a beach picnic we randomly found a winery on the lake to visit (again with the wineries...) Anyway, best girlfriend ever. Thank you very much and please stop doubting my decisions to pack wine for any and all trips. 
We moved on to Funspot where I would like it to be known that I got the high score for Skee Ball.
Since we were exhausted from all that sweet retro gaming we ended up at Hart's for some chowder and a delicious turkey dinner (well, I had the hot turkey sandwich).
Stop taking pictures of me and my food.
Five minutes later: No seriously. Stop it.
Haha. He was a really good sport about my obsessive need to take pictures of everything. For the record I took 438 pictures on this trip! We had our first campfire and finished off our day with some s'mores.
Day 4: I might have wanted to drive 45 minutes for some cheese but Mr. Lawyer made us drive a whole hour for some mighty amazing breakfast. Enter Polly's Pancake Parlor and one of the best culinary experiences of my life. I only got a shot of my waffle after I had started because it was all so amazing I forgot to take pictures. Mr. Lawyer ate his pancakes so quickly that I barely got to try them! His chosen combinations were: cornmeal and coconut, oatmeal buttermilk with blueberries and my personal favorite: buckwheat with granola. I went with a straight up traditional Belgian waffle with Hurricane Sauce (thinly slice apples cooked in caramel and butter *drools*). We split an order of the maple sausage patties. Every last bit of it was heavenly.
Look at that sauce! It glows with amazingness. 
I mean if a place has a giant maple leaf on their sign and they put free maple sugar (great in coffee) and maple cream (great by the spoonful!) on your table what's not to love?

By the time we got to Polly's it was really brunch time so we skipped lunch and at left over picnic goods and other munchies for dinner. Including more marshmallows!
And Phillies Peanuts compliments of my dad! Mostly because they'd be super messy to eat in our apartment but by a campfire...not a problem!
Cheers to a successful "big kid" vacation!

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