Thursday, September 1, 2011

7th Inning Stretch!

I have been very busy eating my way through many Phillies games. Sadly we only have one more game left but I plan on getting one of those adorable sundaes in a baseball cap so it will be all rainbows and sunshine. Anyway, it's time for an unhealthy baseball quest update! Please keep in mind that I did not consume all of this food in one game or by myself. But first a recap:
Baseball: A Love Story 
(although my scale would disagree)
My very first baseball game started with a Schmitter. Very hard to top I tell you, especially on a freezing April day. We have gotten them twice so far this year. I regret every calorie filled bite....except I don't really. We followed that up with a Dollar Dog night and I completely regret those life decisions, they certainly aren't Syracuse Dome Dogs (read: delicious Hoffman hot dogs that go down smooth and don't return to haunt you!)! We were lucky (unlucky?) enough to attend two Dollar Dog nights and my supply of tums took a big hit. Next up I satisfied my inner five year old with a giant pink fluffy cloud of spun sugar. This was followed by a sweat soaked game where I showed how attractive I can be chugging a liter bottle of water and hiding my melty misery behind a giant tub of Crab Fries. Crab fries are so delicious we got them again at the next game...but this time with cheese. Awesome. That leaves us with...
Cracker Jack! How can you not have Cracker Jack at a baseball game? Classic. And delicious. I'm a sucker for anything kettle/caramel corn related.
Dollar Dog Night #2: The Prep Boys!
I believe this is where I make some inappropriate all boys school joke.
We hit up Planet Hoagie for a hoagie (obviously) not a sandwich, sub, grinder or hero! (Sorry Mom!)
But I told you I didn't eat everything by myself! I'm glad I'm not the only one being so attractive at baseball games. *CHOMP*
Another sporting event classic: Hot Pretzels! Did you know that a hot pretzel and a coke will cure any ailment? I'm convinced and could make a fortune off of this.
I took my Dad to a game and he bought peanuts. I stopped after three, they're too much work. Can't you tell I'm thrilled? However, they do last a while and give you something to do during a long inning. Bonus points there.
Speaking of bonus points: If you're going to break your wrist on the morning that you're driving down from NY to visit me and you still show up....double bonus points. Letting me decorate your sling so you can go to the game injured and show everyone what a badass you are? Priceless.

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  1. Love the pictures and the commentary! Glad you enjoyed the tickets.
    It was a really good summer.