Sunday, July 24, 2011

They don't have heat delays in baseball?

It's hot, we've been social and out late, there was a dinner party. Needless to say we've been avoiding our kitchen and have relapsed into our college ways of easymac and grilled cheeses. To survive the heat I had this one night for dinner:
Butter Toffee Milkshake with Nutella Graham Crackers
I have also continued my epic baseball eating quest (Schmitters, Dollar Dogs, and Cotton Candy...Check!). The upside of Saturday's game was that I finally got some yummy crab fries. The downside was it was 100 degrees and we melted, even in the shade. Each of us had a 1.5 liter bottle of water that was consumed before the game ended. Everyone was drenched and no one had to use the bathroom (a record for me I'm sure!). 
Behold the most flattering picture of me ever! See the melty misery!
Trying to hide my sweat soaked face behind the crab fries.
In more exciting and non-food related news: Mr. Lawyer missed being hit in the head by a home run ball that bounced off the foul pole by only a foot! In fact you can see the foul pole behind me in both pictures. The lady sitting next to him grabbed it. His defense was that he was holding a Schmitter sandwich and it was a Padre ball. At least he didn't try to use me as a shield.

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