Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Mac and Baseball

Last night I continued my unhealthy quest to eat through all of baseball food offered at the Phillies games. It was another Dollar Dog night and I performed poorly consuming only 1.5 dogs. Tragic. But I did devour this sugary beauty.
I have been studying like crazy for a certification exam and have been largely absent from the kitchen and subsiding on wonderful little gems like Wegman's boxed mac and cheese and microwave kettle corn. You should not despair because Wegman's Mac and Cheese is the best box mac and cheese ever. But only the spirals. I refuse to buy anything else. I think the pretty swirly shapes just suck up more cheesy goodness and taste better. Plus it makes you feel like a little kid again because being a big kid is laaaame. The Dork and I had many dinners consisting of mac and cheese. I miss those high school nights sitting across from each at the dinner table. It was epic.


  1. I'm thinking of doing the foods of the South road trip over 4th of July...fried chicken, collards, grits, banana pudding, Red Velvet cake and whatever else I can find native. Themed eating is good. love you. Mom

  2. That's a wonderfully unhealthy and amazing idea!