Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Baseball is unhealthy.

Well we've finished up all our ham leftovers and I'm running off to Florida for a week so there hasn't been a lot going on in our Guinea Pig Kitchen. However we have had some exciting food adventures at the Phillies games! At my first real baseball game the boys made me eat a Schmitter sandwich which was amazing and disgusting all at once. It was some combination of cheese steak like steak, ham/salami/pork roll or something, cheese, tomato and special sauce. It was scary. And sloppy.
See the fear.
The boys were not as intimidated. Gross.
And last night was dollar dog night! So there was no need to make dinner. I think the final count was Brad 4, Kevin 3, and Jenni 2. Clearly I am the weak link (and my tums would agree with me).
Dollar Dog!
Next up on the list: Chickie's and Pete's Crab Fries! And um, a four dollar bag of cracker jacks. Because it's baseball.

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