Monday, May 23, 2011

Pants on fire!

We cheated a bit to supplement our dinner of leftover Chicken Pasta Salad tonight. First we went to McCrossen's Tavern for a couple of pints in order to feel better about job rejections. It's a cute place but the Kite and Key still owns my heart. Although I hear they have great brunch for $20 with all you can drink mimosas/bloody mary's so we're going to have to check that out. After that we went to a new sushi place, Kansai,  that opened on our block and has gotten good reviews, we weren't disappointed. It was also cute and reasonably priced...oh yeah and BYOB. We split an eel avocado roll and a yellowtail scallion roll. Yummy.
Unflattering and dorky pictures follow.

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