Monday, May 16, 2011

Bits of drink (and you?)

The other day my dad informed me that "you are what you drink" and for some reason I found that to be incredibly amusing and insightful. It may or may not have had something to do with the gin and tonic I was working on. I normally take pictures of our drinks but never have a real reason to post them until now. If you are what you drink then I'm dark (beer), sweet (wine) and off beat (gin). Mr. Lawyer would be light (beer), dry (wine), and fancy (scotch). Some odd truths there I think. Complete polar opposites when it comes to our beverage preferences and that's why it works so well (except when he steals my gin).
Mr. Lawyer's beer....My beer.
And just to prove it's not a fluke...
In fact, I like it when I can't find my beer.
I like my wines from New York.
Sweet, Sweet, Super Sweet, Alcoholic Grape Juice.
And if you've never tried my off beat gins, I'm okay with that. But you should give it a go.


  1. I love this :) I guess that makes me...
    HOPPY (red ales of the hoppier variety), DELICIOUS (fine, you come up with a better adjective that describes pino noir [complex], pinotage [deep] and sauvignon blanc [tart]! And yes, I just had to look those adjectives up, I don't know anything about wine), and WILD (tequila, although I like gin =P)

  2. Oh I don't know...I might describe it as skanky.

  3. I like Gin and Tonic. Does that make me an Old British Man....?

    And I don't think you can call anyone's drinking skanky after America's Next Top Drunken Model...