Friday, September 2, 2011


Mr. Lawyer and I are off on our first real "big kid" vacation! We're in NYC this weekend and then Upstate New York and New Hampshire. It will be close to two weeks of roaming! I'm excited and ready for our adventure! Sadly that means no yummy food posts until after we get back.
We've been eating chicken allllll week (and quite a bit of leftover squash too). Plain chicken, chicken salad sandwiches, chicken with Hendrickson's Sweet Vinegar and Olive Oil (amazing by the way), chicken, chicken, chicken! I'm pretty sick of chicken. On the plus side our grocery bill for the week has been like zero dollars. But as one fond farewell I dressed up our chicken for a yummy chicken melt. The secret? Sourdough bread and honey mustard! Sourdough bread grills up quite nicely and has a good crunch and the honey mustard gives it a bit of zing. It was so good that the next morning Mr. Lawyer asked me where the honey mustard was hiding so he could use it on his lunch sandwich. I prefer Ken's Salad Dressing Honey Mustard for general household stuff. An underwhelming photo for sure but you can sort of see the honey mustard beginning to ooze out.
Honey Mustard Chicken Melt
(the kitchen of Jenni)
Sourdough Bread
American Cheese
Honey Mustard
1. Assemble like a grilled cheese: butter in pan (or on outside of bread slices), layer your cheese, chicken and before you put the top piece of bread, smear a nice helping of honey mustard on it!
2. Enjoy! (Preferably with pickles)

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  1. Have fun! I look forward to reports on Polly's Pancake House!