Saturday, September 17, 2011

More Salad!

We have been very good about sticking to our healthy eating plans. Behold tonight's dinner:
Salad with Tuna!
See? Boring blog posts. Time for some excitement!

There was a moving sale in the townhouse complex a block away from us. It was amazing! So much stuff, like two steps away from hoarder stuff but in an awesome, clean, and useful way. I bought a big colorful POLISH/German/Russian cookbook and some other treasures like this amazing copper pot (made in Turkey) that had been turned into a clock. Perfect for that odd occasion when the microwave and stove are both in use and you can't find your phone to check the time!
These sweet handmade tiles that I'm going to turn into trivets once I get to a craft store to buy some cork board or felt. Believe it or not I actually don't own any trivets, well except for a christmas flamingo one from Grandma Claire.
And we reconfigured the bar after Mr. Lawyer found this cute wooden breakfast tray that had the perfect space for corks. Combined with my vintage cloth coasters our bar is looking pretty classy!
Speaking of christmas flamingos...Before we left on vacation we received a package from Grandma Claire which included a birthday card for Mr. Lawyer. I know the package was addressed to me but I suspect that the books were meant as a birthday present as well...
I'm very lucky to have two sets of awesome grandparents who care.
You can expect some healthy oat bran muffin recipes shortly.

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