Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Best Idea Ever?

Let's talk about how excited I am that my last birthday present just came in the mail today. Surprise Dad and Melissa! And thank you for my birthday present.
Oh. My. God. Is it not perfectly amazing and convenient? Behold the Soup and Sandwich Tray! Or Sandwich and Salad Tray. Or chips and dip. Or you can just ditch the bowl and use it as a fun plate or serving platter for cheese and crackers. Gone are the days of balancing your soup bowl and sandwich plate! Which I was a pro at by the way because my dining hall survival skills prominently featured soup and grilled cheese. Don't worry, it's a set of two so Mr. Lawyer was able to partake in the nerdy soup/sandwich eating.
It's from one of my favorite websites, uncommongoods. They have such fun and pretty things. I bought one of Mr. Lawyer's Christmas presents there, a friend's baby gift, Mr. Lawyer got my birthday present there, Dad and Melissa sent me a gift certificate which bought me my snazzy soup and sandwich tray. I highly recommend it. 
mmmm warm soup belly.

Side-note: I'm covering for a fellow teacher the rest of this week which means full days and no brunch at home. Sad story. I packed my lunch tonight. Best lunch at the teacher table baby!

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