Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hoot Owl Hoot!

It's my birthday weekend, woo! Or should I say hoo?! I promised my kids I'd bring in cupcakes on Friday, I think these will blow their socks off. Special thanks to Christine for my cupcake decorating book and pen! These were fairly simple to make and required the least amount of ingredients and effort/talent out of the whole book. I love that you can change the personality of each owl just by the placement of the eyes or ears. Adorable!
There's a whole bunch of pictures! And 43 cupcakes....yikes!

A very full fridge of chilling cupcakes.
(and a lot of booze and pickles....)
I'm glad we have a ton of counter space. It was a disaster!
The first boxful!
My intoxicated owl.
Scaredy Owl.
I'm going to stare you down owl.
Who you looking at?!
It wasn't me!!
Owl Cupcakes are adorable!

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