Monday, December 3, 2012

November Roundup!

November is a long month but I have no idea where it went! I know it started with me all gussied up for a fancy date to a jazz club. Clearly someone needs to work on their camera skills.
 Speaking of fancy...I like my gin and tonics in a fiesta tea cup because I am super classy.
In the middle of November we had Little Thanksgiving. These are our leftovers. Between the two Thanksgiving meals and leftovers I had a minimal grocery shopping budget which means more Christmas presents for the boy!
 Carbo-loading with the most heavenly post-Little Thanksgiving meal a girl could imagine: corn pudding, mashed potatoes with gravy and rolls. I want this right now.
 I started to decorate for Christmas a little bit early (read: a week before Thanksgiving) so our bar had a little bit of an identity crisis. I really need to take those Halloween bats down.
 We both had a rough day at work so one night dinner was nachos and beer.

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