Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Kitchen Explosion!

Also known as why there is an immersion blender on my registry. 
 I know you need to use more pressure when blending hot liquids and I thought I was using enough force...but obviously I was not. The result: one very burnt arm and one super messy kitchen. I thought about sitting on the floor in a state of semi-undress, as my clothes were covered too, and sniffling until Mr. Lawyer came home but I thought better of leaving tomato sauce on my white cupboards/walls. Luckily my Eagle Scout Lawyer came home to rescue me and put his first aid skills to use. Evidently fetching me ice cream from downstairs is in the handbook. Who knew?
Dinner was good though! I'll post the recipes tomorrow. After this disaster I'm taking the night off!


  1. Replies
    1. Maybe...but I got cuddles, ice cream, and a handsome gentleman who held ice on my arm...I think it's Jenni 100. Blender 1.

  2. I watched a movie over Thanksgiving...Tremors II. When the grizoids were blown up it looked a lot like your kitchen. :)