Friday, November 30, 2012


Benji is here so it's time for some meaty man food. I decided on our homemade burgers. They are filling and boys love playing with the meat grinder (*snerk*). Mr. Lawyer did his usual no measuring throw in some breadcrumbs, seasoning and an egg thing....drives me nutty. I served with up with a wonderful toppings bar and some baked beans. There is nothing left except some lettuce so I guess I made the right choice.
Yum! Toppings. There were also some sauteed onions.
 Boys and their toys.
 Burgers and Beans!
The burgers went pretty quick!
Thank you Dork! Mr. Lawyer never let's me take pictures of him ;)
 Watching the 'Cuse game. You have to stand until they score the first basket.
 So when I moved to Philly two years ago my brother and dad had brewed some beer. I still had a bottle hiding in the back of the fridge. The time had made it a little better but it was still weird. It tasted like a Belgium sour to me.

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