Wednesday, November 7, 2012

October Roundup!

FIESTA! I found some good deals on retired colors on ebay, cinnabar and periwinkle. Plus a chain store was having a good deal (50% off!) so I picked up some marigold, a color that is suppose to be retired this year.
 Not food but I was super excited that my new sweaters came in old school fiesta colors! Also, I am in love with these shoes.
 We had our wedding tasting! Man oh man are we in for a treat! Everything was amazing and I felt like a princess.
 Halloween party! Jackie made a cheese ball that looked like a pumpkin.
 Woody was in town so we went to a brewery. Obviously.
 Victory Brewery Sampler.
 We picked up this delicious dip the last time we were in the Finger Lakes at a winery It's amazing. It got us through that pesky hurricane.
 Well played Ommegang...well played. 
 The first super cold day of the year needs some comfort food: mac & cheese, those delicious sticky chicken tenders, and some applesauce. Sounds like my childhood to me!
And that's a wrap!

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