Saturday, November 17, 2012

Party in my Kitchen!

Some bridal shower gifts came early and now there's a party in my kitchen! The lovely Mother Unit got ambitious and hopped on ebay for a thrilling fiesta time (there might have been some alcohol involved?). I now own my first pieces of vintage fiesta! Woo! To recap: my darling Mr. Lawyer said I was not allowed to buy any until after our wedding (many of the contemporary pieces are on our registry), sighs. I did however purchase some marigold pieces as the color is to be retired this year and some retired periwinkle and cinnabar sets....because if it's retired it doesn't count! To tell if the piece if vintage you look at the back stamp, if all the letters in fiesta are lower case it's pre-1986 (technically 1973 when they stopped producing until 1986). Then you can narrow the dates down a little more based on the color runs. Mom bought me a set of yellow plates, some blue and rose small plates, my first teacup (!) and a variety of salt and pepper shakers (which are to die for, the shape just makes me irrationally giddy.). I do find it very hard to capture the true colors in a photograph, it constantly changes depending on the light.
Rose 1951-1959
Blue (cobalt) 1936-1951
Yellow - 1936-1969
 My colors so far: Rose, Periwinkle, Yellow, Blue (Cobalt), Cinnabar, Marigold
The colors mom sent me (minus the shaker colors)
I am loving this tea cup. I feel very sophisticated.
 Rose on Blue is very striking.
 Rose on Periwinkle for a more mellow choice.
 For the more bold: Yellow, Cinnabar, and Blue.
 Decorating with fiesta shakers! 
Thanks for the early shower gifts mom!


  1. Wrong! No alcohol was involved. Just wanted to get you something special.

    1. Judging from your texts that night I wasn't sure...I thought you were taking part in some retail therapy while having some wine!

  2. Beautiful. love the colors. I'd love to do a Pop Art painting of those salt and pepper shakers sometime. You will have a georgous collection. Looking forward to the Fiesta dinner party!

    1. ooooo fiesta art, I'm down for that! I'll have to plan a dinner party soon.

  3. I think my spoon rest is evergreen. What's it worth to you??? :)