Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving, a Love Story

Thanksgiving might be my favorite holiday. All of the food without the let down of being a big kid on Christmas morning. Although after two awesome and food filled Thanksgivings this year, I'm really just craving some ham.
Grandma requested that I bring a Rum Cake so I requested she bring her famous Broccoli Salad. A fair deal I think.
Time to plate-up!
The hungry boys action shot.
Someone came up to do some begging....put his head right on Kev's lap. So hard to resist!
Taking a food break and relaxing by the fire.
Onwards to dessert!
I brought the requested Rum Cake and a Pumpkin Spiced Cheesecake with Caramel-Bouron-Pecan sauce. There was also a pumpkin tart.
And lest you think me to be perfect: the rum cake and I had a minor disagreement about staying in the pan. 
The following day we hit up some wineries.
Last stop: Wegmans!
It's not a successful trip to NY if you don't come home with NYS Wine and goodies from Weggies!
And because Kingston is so cute that I can't resist one more picture. 

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  1. Well. We make a giant ham every year for Thanksgiving. (SOMEONE doesn't like turkey...) You should join us next year! (We start very early in the day so people can family in the evening)