Thursday, November 10, 2011

Smells like Christmas!

Tonight was a leftover night so this post isn't about food but it can smell like food! And it's crafty. If there's one thing that I like as much as messing around in the kitchen it's messing around with crafts!
Obviously I have a problem...just a slight addiction.
But what do you do with a Yankee Candle Addiction after your house smells delicious and you have a bunch of empty jars? Repurpose them for a bazillion useful organizational things. You'll have to scrap the label off with a razor blade and then set the jar in the freezer for a bit and the leftover wax will pop out like a charm. For the record, I'm not the only one obsessed with candles. Mr. Lawyer loves Christmas scented ones and is forever stealing them to put next to the computer.
My all time favorite and first project: the bathroom cabinet!
So useful! Everything is super easy to grab. There's another jar on my shelf that holds makeup and such.
Next up: In the kitchen! Good for candy and garlic.
Lastly: places you can't see! Keeps things organized in my wicker baskets and cabinets.
I have yet to find anything useful to do with my addiction to yummy smelling soaps and lotions. But as with candles you must stay in the season and rotate smells!

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  1. Where did my daughter go???? Are you channelling Martha Stewart?