Tuesday, October 2, 2012

September Round Up!

I made chili while it was still 85 degrees out. It was delicious but not as spicy as I wanted it. Also, I love my soup and sandwich tray.
 Sometimes on a gloomy rainy day (and when your uterus is trying to kill you), you just need some mac 'n cheese and garlic bread. Mmmmmm carb comfort food.
 This cupcake had a giant air bubble and was hollow!
 We made Grandma's Strata again for breakfast all week. This time we sauteed up some onions and peppers to add some delicious flavor. Make sure to bake it a couple extra minutes.
 Pudding Fiesta!
 I've been making some luscious iced coffee with the leftover sweetened condensed milk from somebody's birthday cake...
 Nothing like seeing a flying hvac unit outside your window. It was like a fever induced dream.

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