Monday, October 29, 2012

Dark & Stormy

Oh my god ya'll, it's dark and stormy out. I'm trying to think of a time I dealt with crazier winds but I can't. The rain hasn't really been that bad, and has stopped for now, I know I've been in worse rain/flooding storms but this wind is off the hook or "out of pocket" as my students would say. I should probably find a different place to sit as the sliding glass doors by our couch is flexing and moving like crazy with each gust. The wind has opened the dumpsters at the college across from us and stuff is swirling around. The chinese restaurant's sign has been dashed to pieces and is strewn down 18th street. There have been several blueish flashes that I'm pretty sure were transformers and not lightning. We're keeping out fingers crossed that only the garage in the shore house is flooded and the upper level remains untouched. And as the news has pointed out, it smells like the ocean. I hope it's over soon and every one stays safe.
To get through the storm we have been making yummy drinks. Saturday night we made delicious Lapu Lapus, not going to lie I've switched over to them tonight. Last night we made Dark & Stormy cocktails! Because it's dark and stormy out. They were good, had a very molasses taste to them. I think it was a combination of the ginger beer and the type of rum we had. It looks pretty when you float the rum but I had to mix it in order to drink it. If you don't it's straight rum followed by ginger beer....blerg. Also, look at nicely I rimmed the glasses! Score.
Dark & Stormy Cocktail
(Pinterest find! From the
2 oz Gosling’s Black Seal Rum (or any dark rum)
4 oz ginger beer
lime wedge
1. Fill a highball glass with ice. Pour in the Ginger Beer, then pour in the Dark Rum over the back of a spoon to help keep the darker layer floating on top. Garnish with a lime wedge. 
2. For the optional sugar garnish shown in the photo, rub a lime wedge or some simple syrup around the rim of an empty glass, and then tip the glass over into a plate of raw sugar and proceed with assembling the drink as noted above.

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