Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Me vs. Him

Evidently I toss and turn a lot when I sleep. Also, I'm pretty sure my engagement ring got snagged on it. Regardless of the reasons, our sheet has slowly been disintegrating this week. This leaves us with only one other set of sheets. Luckily it's our flannel set and it's cold out.
 I love switching the sheets with the seasons! Flannel, turning the comforter from the light blue side to the dark blue, the plaid! Eek, I love it. Mr. Lawyer doesn't love it but he humors me and helped me change the sheets tonight.
Then he said we would have to go shopping for sheets this weekend. Wait what? Why shop for sheets when you can put them on your Christmas list?! He declared that I was insane for getting excited over the prospect of getting sheets for Christmas. I can't help it, I'm weird like that. I think getting video games is boring so there. We agreed to disagree over what makes an exciting Christmas present (sheets > video games). FYI Parental Units: queen size, blue/tan/brown is our color scheme, open to patterns and designs.

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