Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Let's go Wassailing!

We had a gorgeous weekend and one last hurrah at the shore. During the day it was wonderful and sunny, that nice warm fall toasty sunshine. In the evening it was still a little chilly which was perfect for my master plan, one must always be prepared!
Yes. Carrying around Apple Cider in your nalgene is totally acceptable.
mmmm smells amazing!
Only the very best wassail is spiked!
The Farmer's Museum in Cooperstown did a Candle Light Evening every year around Christmas, it was always so much fun to wander around with your high school buddies in the freezing cold and see everything. However the very best part might have been the huge cauldron of wassail (spiced cider) over  the fire. This mulled cider was good but there's something about being freezing, not being able to feel your fingers and probably being all snotty that makes it taste so much better (oh yeah, and being with your best buds!)
We also saw a bunch of horseshoe crabs. 


  1. You + Me + Candle Light Night. LET'S DO IT. Yuuuumm. Plus, NO WHERE has better semi-soft peppermint sticks than the General Store at the Farmer's Museum. Used to stir hot chocolate? Oh, baby.

    Also, I <3 horseshoe crabs. When we were little on long island my dad always used to catch them and let them and let us hold them to feel their tickly feet ^_^

  2. Woo! If we're ever both in Coop around Christmas time it's a done deal.