Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Condiment Fish!

Condiments are my weakness. I'm a self proclaimed "dipper". I love my proteins slathered in ketchup and bbq sauce, my salads doused in dressing, my sandwiches sloppy with add ons and it's impossible to have breakfast without maple syrup. In middle school my parents bought me a shirt that said "I put ketchup on my ketchup". The dork and I could easily go through half a bottle of sweet baby rays bbq sauce with a pork tenderloin and I definitely have more cheese than sauce on my pasta.
When we decided to revamp our diets this was a glaringly obvious place to start when it came to examining my own eating habits. Condiments can add on a ton of calories, sugar, sodium and fat. I took a peek in our fridge and the numbers are staggering! (all stats are for one tablespoon...but let's be honest: who actually only uses one tablespoon?!)
Ketchup = 20 calories
Horseradish Sauce = 60 calories!
Light Mayo = 50 calories
Reduced Sodium Soy = 20 calories (but still 19% of your daily sodium!)
Vidalia Poppy Seed Dressing = 55 calories
Sweet Vinegar and Oil Dressing = 35 calories (but 17 grams of sugar!)
Pub Mustard = 30 calories
BBQ Sauce = 35 calories
Parmesan Cheese = 20 calories
Maple Syrup = 50 calories
As a mentioned, there is no way I actually consume one tablespoon of any condiment in a single sitting. Except the soy sauce, I only use that for cooking not for dumping right on to my food as it moves towards my mouth. I decided that this would be a good place to start cutting back. Enter: CONDIMENT FISH!
Condiment Fish can comfortably hold 1 tablespoon of liquid or gelatinous saucy condiment such as ketchup. One must follow the rules when using Condiment Fish, they include but are not limited to, no overfilling or making a skyscraper of sauce, always being able to see his eye and no refills!
So Condiment Fish and I are embarking on a journey to reduce my extreme calorie intake when it comes to covering my food in yummy condiments. Hopefully Condiment Fish will make it more fun because let me tell you, I really wanted more honey roasted bbq sauce (1 tablespoon = 60 calories!) for my chicken tonight...but then I saw Condiment Fish staring at me. He's so judgemental. Damn it. 

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