Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Epic Happenings!

It is time for Epic Food Related Happenings. I have a bunch of random orphan photos because they don't involve a recipe or to post them would have involved many not food related pictures (ex. our trip to DC) but now it's time for a photo story of epic proportions! (um. why yes I am avoiding lesson planning thank you very much).
Last night was breakfast for dinner.
The end of an era. The average American eats 3lbs of peanut butter a year. I ate 4lbs in a summer. What can I say? I love me some peanut butter. RIP Giant Tub of Wegmans Peanut Butter. I will miss you.
We received some crack jerky in the mail. The Mother Unit had to label it "for sharing" because when it comes to crack jerky, one doesn't share.
Intrigued? Want to see more? Keep on clicking!

We explored China Town a little bit this past weekend. Real lo mein is so much better than american lo mein. Or maybe it was the freshly roasted ducks and pig in the window.
I made Mr. Lawyer a goodie bag to take to work and hide in his desk. Everyone needs a yummy pick me up snack!
Our trip to DC included a brewery.
A winery with cheese!
Evidently my mother had a roll of tin foil chilling in her car (wtf/leftover from a camping trip?) and after the above mentioned brewery and winery I found this hilarious enough to take a picture of. 
I repurposed a yankee candle glass into a pretty taffy holder. Super crafty!
The end.

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