Tuesday, November 12, 2013

An Almost Disaster Dinner Party

Last night Brad & Christine came over for a little dinner party. I made one of Mr. Lawyer's springtime favorites: Spicy Sausage & Pepper Pasta in a Tomato-Wine Sauce.
Two hours before they came over my kitchen looked like this:
It's a little tricky maneuvering around a new hot water tank that's blocking your fridge.
 And my bathroom was a hot disaster and a half.
Nothing like coming home and finding a soaking wet hallway carpet.
Thank goodness our maintenance staff is top notched and easily bribed with baked goods. They replaced the tank and cleaned everything up lickety split so I didn't have to cancel.

Now for a close up of the table settings!
Scarlett & Turquoise
 Juniper & Tangerine
 Cinnabar & Peacock
 Plum & Sunflower

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