Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Cloud

Things I take seriously:
1. My kitchen
2. Rabid Raccoons
3. My bed, also known as The Cloud
In high school I had a nightmare that someone broke in through my bedroom window and stole my comforter. I was chasing them through the woods when I woke up in terror. Dad and the Dork made fun of me for months.
Lost in The Cloud
We've recently had some serious up grades to The Cloud: a new pillow top mattress pad, new linens, the fluffiest down comforter ever, and new LL Bean flannel sheets! Mr. Lawyer had an old set of flannel sheets but they were beginning to look super scuzzy. I estimate them to be around 6 years old (beginning of law school) so I decided to get myself a little wedding present. The new flannel sheets are so soft and cozy! I might die. And I'm totally not turning the heat on this winter.
Look at how inviting that is!
 Look at how fluffy and cozy!
The upgrades are Mandark approved.
 The two new flannel designs with the old. I went with the slate over collegiate blue. I'm currently thinking about a grey bedroom and the slate blue went well with that.
I don't think I'll be able to get out of The Cloud for work tomorrow.

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