Saturday, March 2, 2013

Crazy Confessions

I don't really have any pictures for a February Roundup so you get some crazy confessions that are mostly food/kitchen related.
Movie and a trip to Wegman's for pizza? Best date ever!

1. I once drove to Wegmans during a blizzard to get their frozen pizza and a six pack. I make super safe decisions like that.

2. I like to clean when I'm intoxicated and often take dirty dishes out of the dishwasher to hand wash them.

3. Before I received my Fiesta mugs I had four very specific mugs for each beverage: coffee, tea, hot chocolate, medicine (like theraflu). The beverage MUST go in it's specific mug. Mr. Lawyer thinks I'm crazy but he knows which is which and makes it appropriately.

4. This wedding registry stuff is making me feel like a kitchen snob. I have all the little stuff and really want the fancy knives, ridiculous pots, and heavenly comforter but I feel guiltyyyyyy.

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