Saturday, March 16, 2013

Adventure Time!

Mr. Lawyer and I are making a Philly Bucket List of things to do before we move out of the city. Czerw's Polish Deli has been featured on two Travel Channel shows (Bourdain's Layover and Zimmerman's Bizarre Foods) so it went on the list. It's in Port Richmond, a quick drive from us. The area had a very old school neighborhood feel to it and was a popular location for Polish and Lithuanian immigrants. We'll be going back for more goodies because we saw some more speciality stores on our drive out. We could smell a bakery somewhere but didn't see it! The service was great and we received a free sample of some "Polish Slim Jim" while waiting in line. It was basically a skinny smoked kielbasa. Yum!
We ended up with one pound of smoked kielbasa and a dozen cheese/potato pierogies. 
Yum yum!

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