Friday, January 4, 2013

December Roundup!

Where did December go?! And the first week of January? A little late but here is my December Roundup of random pictures. December was the month of color!
Visiting Ms. Amanda in D.C. and hitting up the brewpub near her place. Guess which beer was my favorite?
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ooooo fake fire! It was constantly on tv for the holidays.
 Let's talk about how much I love doing the dishes now.
Yikes! Between the online Christmas shopping and our own presents our hallway looked like a recycling center! Cardboard explosion!
 I rocked three types of plaid that day. How Canadian of me. Don't worry, I didn't go outside.
 The new love of my life. Hot water on demand.
 Wait, these are the loves of my life. I got my wedding shoes on sale! Go 'Cuse!
 I truly enjoy loading/unloading the dishwasher now.

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