Thursday, May 31, 2012

Bits and Pieces of Favorites

Let me introduce you to a couple of my current favorite things.
I love, love, love a nice good spicy food. These two items don't disappoint. 

The Strawberry Hotsy Totsy Jam was a gift from the Easter Bunny (thanks Mrs. T!). The Strawberry-Jalapeno combo has been making for some delicious english muffins. It's sweet but has an underlying slow burn that creeps up on you. The perfect thing to wake you up in the morning!

Jalapeno Hummus, be still my heart! I might have found a new favorite flavor of hummus. It has an in your face kick, not subtle at all. I made a marvelous sandwich yesterday: pita, jalapeno hummus, feta cheese and leftover Mexicali chicken.

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