Friday, August 23, 2013

July/August Roundup

I'm not dead! I've been doing very important things on my updating my Fiesta spreadsheet!

I have been cooking a lot this week but it has all been repeat recipes. My very best Philly friend just had her second baby! That makes her the proud mama of a newborn and a two year old. Why not top off that feat with moving into a new house this weekend? She's crazy. Babies and houses...does that mean we're adults now? Since all of these life changes result in CHAOS I decided to get my butt back in the kitchen and cook up some freezer meals. I made the normal amount but then divided in half between my friend and I. This way Mr. Lawyer had dinner and it filled up our freezer as well as hers.
In the happy baby and house gift basket we have:
5. Spaghetti, cornbread, and bbq sauce because new houses don't come with side dishes or condiments!
6. A citronella candle for her new personal wine deck off the master bedroom.
7. Two bottles of her favorite wine 
9. A giant box of diapers (not pictured)
10. A giant box of animal crackers for the two year old (not pictured)

Other things I have been obsessed with:
Sloppy buns and my blue bandana. 
It started off as just a beach weekend thing but now I can't stop.
 Alternate uses for my wedding centerpieces.
I see lots of canning and iced coffee in my future. 
My cookie scoop. 
Why did I not have a cookie scoop until my bridal shower? It makes life so much easier!
 My obsession with cookbooks (among other things) continues. I popped into the used bookstore and grabbed this one off the shelf because of the silly name, The Frog Commissary. I fell in love a little more when I saw the cute retro-style drawings on the front (and all through the book). I started skimming and learned that it's from a Philly chef/restaurant! For two dollars it was a done deal. I looked it up when I got home and it has rave reviews (even if it was originally printed in 1985). Evidently the recipe for carrot cake is killer. I guess I know what I'm making for Mr. Lawyer's birthday.

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  1. Very thoughtful. Hope Jackie, Steve & family are all well.