Thursday, May 16, 2013

Breakfast Burrito!

I can't keep this one on the shelf! These puppies have been flying out of the freezer quicker than I can make them. The good news? They are inexpensive and easy to can also clean out your fridge which is what I did! I found this recipe for our camping trip but they've been such a big hit I'm going to start scheduling breakfast burrito making parties. This dish has been keeping Mr. Lawyer full till lunchtime. The burritos stay moist and don't get weird like my semi-successful attempt at frozen english muffin sandwiches which developed hard spots when heated and the cheese always melted off.
We're going to have so much fun playing with different flavor combinations: different breakfast meats, cheese, pepper, onions, mushrooms, a variety of spices! I can't wait to make some more.
Breakfast Burritos!
(Pinterest find)
6 eggs
1/4 cup sour cream
8 oz shredded cheese
2 large sausages
1/2 green pepper
1/2 red onion
10 tortillas
1. Cook sausage in a large skillet. Set aside.
2. Saute peppers and onions until cooked. Set aside with sausage.
3. Crack your eggs in a bowl and mix in the sour cream. Then scramble the eggs in a large skillet.
4. Add the sausage, peppers, and onion to the scramble eggs. Mix well. Add cheese and mix some more.
5. Time to stuff your tortillas! Place the desired amount of scrambled eggs onto the center tortilla. I had medium sized tortillas so I went with about 1/2 cup. Wrap it up like a burrito: fold in the sides and then roll from top/bottom. Place all the burritos on a baking sheet and place in the freezer until semi-frozen. This helps get rid of the moisture so it doesn't get soggy.
6. Once the burritos have been cooled in the freezer wrap them in tinfoil for camping or plastic wrap/tupperware for home consumption. Store in the freezer until you want them.
7. Heat them up! For camping heat them up in the coals. For the microwave cover the burrito in a damp towel and microwave for 1 minute, flip the burrito and microwave it for another minute. Let cool and enjoy!
Heating them up on our morning campfire.


  1. Looks yummy! Maybe we can make them for breakfast down the shore this summer?

  2. I have a recipe just like this called Campurritos. Am going to try it with pepper Spam over Memorial Day.