Friday, May 31, 2013

Pickle Chips?!

A potato chip review. Because I obviously don't give two hoots about my wedding dress. Lies. When I don't post anything all week it's because we're eating vegetable soup in an attempt to be healthy. I'm sure I will regret this on Monday. We're headed up to NY this weekend which means we get a special road meal! I don't want to dirty up the kitchen right before our journey so hoagies it was. I love chips with my sandwiches, burgers, and hot dogs. The crispy crunch is to die for. Unfortunately, getting chips with things is a sacrifice that I have made for the next 5 months but today I couldn't resist. I have spied these super cute bags of chips with intriguing flavors that last few times I was at the store. Today they were on sale so why not? I mean, everyone loves a good kettle style potato chip!
Spicy Cajun - pretty good but it didn't blow my mind. It was a sweet-hot flavor and will please any bbq chip lover.
Cajun Dill - what just happened?! Oh, my mind was blown. A tangy spice up front followed by straight up dill pickle (but not overpowering). What? Normally I eat a few chips with special meal, I never eat them straight from the bag with no reason but what did I end up doing after I finished my hoagie? Straight from the bag. There are only three chips left for Mr. Lawyer to have with his hoagie (and a bunch of Spicy Cajun. God I'm not a complete fatty). I know Cajun Dill will not be for everyone but if you are adventurous and like pickles give this one a go!

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