Sunday, June 2, 2013

Trip to 'Cuse!

We drove up to Syracuse to see the family. On the way over to Grandma's we just had to stop at Heid's for a coney.
The best ever.
 Grandma made us an early wedding present: an orange and blue afghan. 
 Dad found this old card that I made him. The last line says "I still can't cook, looks like you're stuck with me!" Haha. How things change. I can definitely cook and now Mr. Lawyer is going to be stuck with me!
 Grandma mixing up the sacred broccoli salad.
 Dad grilled two whole racks of ribs for five people. I'm ashamed to admit that there was not a lot left over. They were cooked over charcoal for 4 hours with a spice rub, caramelized brown sugar, and then wrapped in tinfoil with a little beer and cooked some more.
Poor Kingston really wanted in on the action.
 There may have been copious amounts of wine involved and I did not realize my camera was on the wrong settings so this gorgeous picture was ruined. We had a amazing dinner of ribs, coleslaw, potato salad, and broccoli salad.
 Look at this bark! The caramelized brown sugar with spices made for a delicious treat.
 This is a revenge picture (love you Grandma!). I noted that my very own grandmother had consumed more ribs than me (because she's a total badass like that). She told me to "mind your own plate." Challenge accepted.
 We had a great time looking through Grandpa's old tackle box of vintage fishing lures.
 And ended with a campfire on the lake.

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