Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Hold on to your pants!

Meatball Grilled Cheese. Did I just blow your mind? Move over meatball sub, you just got one upped. This was top of the charts. Everyone knows that meatballs make better leftovers but combine that with a grilled cheese? I was in heaven. The meatballs with the toasted potato bread and the gooey cheese. I even sprinkled a little bit of parm on the outside for some added zing.
Meatball Grilled Cheese
(from My Kitchen!)
Leftover meatballs in sauce
Mozzarella cheese
1. Butter the outside of you bread and place in a warm pan.
2. Layer the cheese, then saucy meatballs, and a little bit more cheese. Top with bread.
3. Cook till golden and flip carefully to brown the other side. If you want to be super fancy (I was) you can sprinkle some parmesan on the outside of your bread, it tastes amazing.

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  1. Sweetie Pie, this is not from my side. I am not a meatball fan.