Tuesday, April 30, 2013

My new baby is here!

My coveted retro steel-belted Coleman cooler fresh from the 'bean store in Maine.
In love.
My dad has had one of these FOREVER. I can remember it from when I was very little so he's had it at least 20-25 years, same color and everything....and by everything I mean constantly filled with beer in our backyard. The boy and I only had a day cooler that holds two bottles of water and a pack of hot dogs. This resulted in only eating hot dogs and trail mix on our trips. Now I can eat my weight in trail mix but I felt that a new cooler was in order. I saw this cooler and was in love. I think it's part of my whole "trying to recreate my childhood" crisis. Our first camping trip of 2013 is in two weekends, I can't wait to break this fabulous beast in!

Sidenote: I might end up using it as a coffee table because I'm not quite sure where in the apartment it's going to be stored....

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  1. The older you get, the more you become your parents.