Thursday, September 20, 2012

Happy Ramblings

I want a restart button for this day. Nothing like doing 65 mph on I-95 in the 55 degree weather with no driver side window. Baller. I'm pretty sure I caught a chest cold, lost some hearing in my left ear, and my hair looked a mess when I walked into school. It's cool though, I know the slang for cars like this: hoopty. My kids got a good laugh out of it. Since this whole day requires a restart, or at least a stiff drink, this is a post about loosely related kitchen things that make me happy.

I love sleeping in on Saturday ( 7) and having this adorable bed headed fool make me waffles.
I love that he was worried that my maple syrup stash was getting too low.
Grade B baby.
I love that he doesn't realize that I got this real maple syrup thing on lock down.
In addition to this full half gallon there is a large maple leaf container in the fridge, a small travel container, and an emergency stash of 4 sampler bottles in my baking closet.

I love fall and am super excited to have picked up my first batch of cider. 
I love it cold, hot, mulled or spiked.
I am excited to have gotten some Fiesta in the mail today!
This picture doesn't do the color justice. It's more of an orange. I'd call it Mac&Cheese from the box orange!
When Dad and Melissa first moved to Watkins Glen (my senior year in college) we went into Ithaca and were exploring the shops. The kitchen store had an amazing display of rainbow Fiesta dishes. I informed them that one day I would be having a rainbow collection of dishes. They were skeptical and asked if I wouldn't prefer just one or two colors. Nope. Skittles dishes all the way. Fast forward to being engaged and already having a lot of quality kitchen stuff/standing to inherit a ton of fancy china. What to register for? FIESTA. It appeals to the ocd collector in me and the colors make me insanely happy. I can't wait to pull them out on a depressing winter day and be like "BAM! Sunshine in your face!" One friend asked what we were thinking about for china/registry stuff and when I replied Fiesta she said "oh my god that's SO you!" (and looking at other friend's registry items I can totally see them represented in the fancy china pattern or fun wine glasses they pick. It's really interesting to look at). I planned out an elaborate "colorscape" which Mr. Lawyer doesn't really care about, meanwhile I have been dreaming of it for weeks. I limited myself to four colors for the main dishes, three different colors for everyday serving bowls/platters, and another three-four colors for specialty serving pieces thus insuring I would have a rainbow. My ultimate goal being to have one or two of every color for the main place settings.
Anyway, while doing all this planning and registry stuff I found out that the Marigold color is going to be discontinued this fall. It was a limited edition color to celebrate the 75th anniversary and was only to be in production for 75 weeks. That meant that this color would be discontinued before our wedding and I refuse to pay some outrageous amount on ebay for a limited edition run. Luckily multiple stores have been having insane sales on it. I ended up going with Kohl's at half off with an additional 15% off at checkout. I got two of the four piece place settings (dinner plate, salad plate, soup/cereal bowl, and mug) and two "gusto" bowls which are nice and deep (and more conducive to eating your soup on the couch). Mr. Lawyer thought I was crazy and should wait till our wedding but it won't be there! I promised that we would pack it away, pretend it was a present, and not use it till after our wedding when we get the rest of the Fiesta but it is SO HARD!
This is what I want in my future house.
So pretty.
I also want to be the lady from , she has been doing amazing things with her "tablescapes" for years and from what I can see it doesn't look like she has repeated anything!

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  1. As you told me, it will look like a rainbow puked in your kitchen. You have such a way with words.