Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Crafts & Cleaning

Man oh man. Pinterest is dangerous and awesome. In addition to being a great source of recipe inspiration and day dreaming it has over taken my day a good productive way, not in a I just wasted an hour drooling over things I want in my future house way.

First up: cleaning your mattress. I needed to wash our bedding so this seemed like a fun project. Put 1 cup of baking soda in a tupperware and add 5 or so drops of essential oil. The pin suggested lavender because it makes you sleepy. I had peppermint oil on hand and Mr. Lawyer preferred that because he didn't want anything to flowery. Shake up the container to mix and then sprinkle over your mattress. You can use a wire mesh strainer or flour sifter to spread it more evenly. Let it sit for an hour and then vacuum it up with the handle attachment. It smelled delicious!
Um. This is my naked bed with baking powder on it.
Next up on the pinterest list: a time out bottle! Also known as a meditation jar/calm down bottle etc. Some pins had it has a calming/time out tool for their kids at home and others used it as a classroom tool. As I deal with a variety of behavioral issues in my classroom I was intrigued. You need a fun bottle (I used plastic because I can picture it getting thrown across my room. Joking. Not really.), a bottle of glitter glue, additional glitter, clear tacky glue, and super glue. 
Step 1: Fill the bottle with hot water (it helps dissolve the glue) and add all of your glitter glue and desired amount of extra glitter (I used about half of the glitter).
Step 2: if you want it to take longer for the glitter to settle you add the tacky glue to slow things down (I added one good squirt). Then top off the bottle, screw on your cap and shake! If it's too slow you can take some out and add more water.
Step 3: Super glue that top on! Dry off the cap treads, smear on some super glue, and twist it on tight!
It looks amazing in different lights and the swirls are so mesmerizing! Now I'm not sure if I want to bring it in to school, I can't stop shaking it!


  1. Who the heck are you????? Not my child!!! I'm lucky I change the bed. The aliens brought a different Jenni back.