Thursday, March 1, 2012

Perfection. Yet Again.

Nothing like manhandling a chicken into roast perfection. I've got this chicken thing down pat, didn't even need to look at the recipe this time! Although still freakish about disinfecting the kitchen after the manhandling occurs. The other thing I've got down is convincing someone that it's gentlemanly to pick all the meat of the bones for future meals because I abhor it. If you haven't tried this recipe (which I constantly advocate for) you must find a chicken and roast it immediately. Need convincing? From the mouth of Mr. Lawyer himself: "I love that this chicken doesn't need gravy." Truth. Super moist, super delicious. The recipe is here: Martha Stewart's Perfect Roast Chicken.
My mission of eating more fruits and veggies is going well. Our delicious chicken was accompanied by my easy Farmer Market Squash Saute minus all the cheese and some not as healthy cranberry sauce.

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