Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Ho Ho Ho!

My dad called today. He thought I was dead because I haven't cooked and posted anything recently. This one is for you dad! Last week we made a couple of big dishes that we ate all week, then it was the holidays and now we have holiday leftovers plus merely looking at recipes makes me want to toss my cookies. After overindulging on a variety of yummy homemade things in a multiple day eat-fest all I want to do is consume oatmeal and salad. Which is a problem because I received all these fun kitchen gadgets for Christmas and I really want to play with them but I don't want to eat anything I make. Bleh.
I had to reorganize my kitchen. Mr. Lawyer managed to surprise me with this beauty. When ever I drooled over our friend's Kitchen Aids he would pat me on the head and inform me that "this is registry material." Yeah well, get on that. She's so pretty. I'm thinking about calling her "Registry" as a joke, it could always be shortened to "Reggie". I may or may not have caught myself petting her as I fiddled around with things in the kitchen.
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First thing I whipped up? English Muffin Loaf. One of my favorites. We are all sugared out from the holidays so bread seemed like a good choice. The recipe is here: English Muffin Loaf!
 Both the machine and the bread are things of beauty. 
 I reorganized my spice cabinet and made a special drawer just for specialty baking things. It's also where I hide my Peanut M&M's....don't tell the boy.
Next up I seasoned Wicket, my new wok. Wok=Ewok=Wicket my favorite Ewok. Nerd. And let me tell you, that sucker gets HOT.
My new kitchen sword, name pending. It's super sharp which I'm not use to because all my knives are cheapo ones from college. I minced an onion in 5 seconds instead of 5 minutes and almost minced my fingers at the same time!
I'm growing mushrooms in our kitchen. No shrooms yet but that white root stuff has spread like crazy.

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