Monday, April 4, 2011

Pottery Barn Part 2

The rest of my Pottery Barn stuff came in the mail Friday. The conversation went something like this:
Kevin: What the hell did you get?
Jenni: Umm....I had a 20% off coupon!
Kevin: Why are there so many boxes? Seriously, what did you do?!
Jenni: Well your mom got me those frames so of course I had to get matching ones and the hallway was so long and empty and white and there was a sale plus a coupon!!
Kevin: .....
Jenni: .....
Kevin: Jenni, stop popping the packing pillows, it sounds like gunshots.
Jenni: *sighs*
But it was so worth all those boxes wasn't it?


  1. Your Pottery Barn stuff looks great. That long wall did need something.
    I like the way you have the frames hung. It makes it easy to keep adding to your collection (sorry Kevin!)

    Mrs. T

  2. He doesn't mind that much, I'll do some city ones soon! I saw that type of layout in Martha Stewart but Melissa gets all the credit for the artistic design.