Saturday, February 15, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

Every year since moving to Philly Mr. Lawyer and I hunker down and prepare a fancy salmon meal together. We avoid the restaurant crowds and go out for a nice dinner the following week. It's pretty awesome.
Our Valentine's Day Salmon Tradition!
And now on to Year 4!
Pink and Red Fiesta for some holiday cheer!

 Looking good.
 Delicious! This year I went with my Teriyaki Salmon with Sriracha Cream Sauce, my famous asparagus, and a quinoa-brown rice.
During dinner Mr. Lawyer learned of my inexperience with Tastykake. I've only ever had the kandy kakes. We fixed this by polishing off our bottle of wine, walking down to the Wawa, and purchasing a nice sampling of sugary goodness. Behold our Tastykake and wine paring! Does it get any more Philly than that?
 Although Mr. Lawyer stated that being married to me makes every day Valentine's and therefore he wasn't getting me a gift he showed up with a cheese & chocolate "bouquet" and gorgeous flowers. He received the very thoughtful gift of a renewed subscription to Field & Stream. 
 We popped open some fancy wedding champagne to celebrate our first Valentine's together as a married couple.
 Then we moved all the furniture and brought in all the blankets and pillows to have a camp out. We feasted on our cheese and champagne while watching WALL-E, a movie that has special significance to our time in grad school.
One more awesome Valentine's Day for the books!

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