Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Rainbow Love

I love opening my cabinets to be greeted by a cheery rainbow. 
I've been rotating the larger dinner plates based on the colors of the season. We're still in the darker and icy hues of winter.
Fiesta Olympics!
I guess I should invest in a set of black fiesta so I can make the rings authentic. I don't have a set of ivory either.
 Syracuse themed coffee!
 My organizing obsession got a little out of hand today. I saw this colorful binder system on pinterest and just had to have it. Now that we're beginning our journey as a married couple it made sense to organize everything nicely. Our categories are Medical/Insurance, Auto (it should read "stupid car"), House (!!!), Taxes, Bills etc (for any major bills, purchases, warranties, receipts, etc we should keep), and finally Pet paperwork! The store had two more different shades of blue and green...can you think of any other categories we should have? I really just want to buy those last two colors!
 One more Fiesta rainbow shot because I can't resist.
Do you know your colors?

1 comment:

  1. Two binders ... two kids. No pressure though. I am good still buying Fiesta for you. :)