Saturday, October 26, 2013

Slow Food

Last weekend we had a slow food revolution in our kitchen! It was just the thing to get me back in my kitchen groove. Well, that and a super clean apartment.
We enjoyed the last of the toasty warm fall days with books and coffee on the balcony.
I made chicken stock. The apartment smelled amazing all day. Every time I walked by the simmering pot I would steal a little spoonful. It rocked my world. You cannot even compare store bought stock or broth to this. It is going to make the most amazing soups.
Skillet bread! This also made the place smell like kitchen heaven and helped me steal chicken broth at every turn. 
Fresh bread + homemade chicken stock = kitchen heaven.
Liquid Gold! I made about 5+ pints of stock.
My recipe is from Grandpa Norm. His idea of chicken stock is a "time to clean out the fridge" one and you just throw anything you have in there. It wasn't very exact. I used what I felt comfortable with and what I had: an onion, a couple carrots, a small bunch of celery, cracked pepper and peppercorns, etc.
Chicken Stock
(From Grandpa Norm)
Chicken carcass
Veggies (onion, celery, carrots, etc)
Seasoning (salt, pepper, bay leave, parsley, etc)
1. Throw everything in a pot, cover with water, and simmer away for hours! The longer it simmers the more concentrated the flavors.
2. When you've decided the stock is ready strain all the bones and veggies out. 
3. Make a soup! Or save it for later. 

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