Monday, October 28, 2013

Kitchen Guest!

Behold a kitchen guest from Seattle Coffee Gear! Enjoy.

When worlds collide...Thanks to Guinea Pig Kitchen blog and the awesome Cricket...I get to share a recipe I have been perfecting for some time now--the Easy Boozy Chocolate Coffee Milkshake.

It all started when a little bakery called Hot Cakes opened in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle. There was nothing run of the mill about this sweet shop and it was my first experience with a boozy milkshake. They serve an Extra Dark Caramel (the caramel is made with Bulleit Bourbon) + Espresso + Old Overholdt Rye Milkshake. It is a game changer. You will never order a Caramel Frappuccino again after this mind-blowing taste sensation.

I prefer things more coffee-y and chocolate-y so I came up with the following delicious adult beverage: Easy Boozy Chocolate Coffee Milkshake.

I find the boozy milkshake to be located at the off kilter intersection of my culinary interests. (Depicted in the venn diagram below.)

The first thing you need to make this recipe is a beast of a blender. If your blender is not as beefy as mine, consider making half of the recipe (2 drinks) so as to not overtax your underwhelming blender’s performance. Next, select an appropriate drink making soundtrack. I like to play the Coffee Shop Indie playlist on to set the mood.
Easy Boozy Chocolate Coffee Milkshake - Serves 4
      ½ cup Jameson Irish Whiskey
      4 - Skinny Cow Chocolate Fudge Cones or 1 pint Chocolate Ice Cream
      ½ cup Chilled Coffee - I use a Chemex coffee maker
      ¼ cup Bailey’s or Chocolate Almond Milk
      1 cup ice (more or less)
Place all of the ingredients (or half or the ingredients) into the blender and turn it on high speed. If you have a “pulse” feature you can use it to hear if your ice cream/ice cubes are well blended.

Helpful Tips:
Don’t forget to hold the lid onto the blender, it’s about to get category F4 tornado-style up in there.
You can throw the cones in whole but soften your pint a bit if using ice cream.
Blend thoroughly, it’s no fun to have an ice chunk plop in your glass.
Makes enough for four 8oz fancy glasses of classy boozy milkshake goodness!
This will be a thinner consistency milkshake so you can slurp it down easy.
If you would like a thick milkshake, use less booze and more ice cream and/or no ice!
*Remember: the secret ingredient is love <3 br="">

Samantha Joyce is a writer for Seattle Coffee Gear and enjoys sharing her knowledge of all things coffee (and sometimes booze!)


  1. Welcome, Kitchen Guest. I am not a coffee drinker but like subtle coffee flavor. Am going to give this a try. Looks like fun.

  2. Made this last weekend. Even my mom and dad had some. The first batch was so-so (I used a decades old Nescafe packet from an MRE). The second round I put in a squirt of Hershey's syrup and for good measure the remaining shot of Bushmill's in the bottom of the bottle. Dad said that was the way his mother cooked, never really measured. :) Everyone loved it.