Monday, October 21, 2013

Fall Cleaning

I have at least 4 recipes to write up but they'll have to wait till this apartment is clean, clean, clean! Cleaning was not high on the list leading up to the wedding and now we have a ton of new things that need to find places to live in our already bursting at the seams apartment. It's like closet jenga! So I'm feeling a bit claustrophobic and itchy for change. I've got a case of the Fall Cleaning...which is way better than Spring Cleaning. This means I cannot focus on anything "fun" until the place is spotless, de-cluttered, and dust free! In college our kitchen always got cleaned before the paper was written, ha. I'm off to dust and reorganize the bookshelf (too many cookbooks is never a bad thing!). But first a picture of my new pretties!
My holiday dishtowels have arrived!
Mr. Lawyer made fun of me with a slightly sassy "more dishtowels." Psssshhh. The gift card was from my brother and I can't have summer or fall themed dishtowels hanging around in my kitchen in the middle of the holiday season. So fun dishtowels it is. I'm kind of in love with the holly berry one, so cheery!


  1. Cute dishtowels! I have my autumn ones out in full display. Tell Mr. Lawyer there is not such thing as too many! PS I just caught myself scolding Brian for cleaning up a mess with one of the fancy dishtowels...WHO AM I????