Tuesday, August 9, 2011

One Step...

"Now you're one step closer to being really Polish" is what I was informed when I was served dinner tonight (except not quite so politically correct). Mr. Lawyer bought some pierogi (or perogi depending on who you ask) from Reading Terminal, grilled up some kielbasa, and heated up some sauerkraut for a very delicious dinner. We'll see if someone ends up sleeping on the couch due to the consequences of combining kielbasa and sauerkraut in a very Polish belly. The candles are already going just as a precaution.
I was underwhelmed by the pierogi, they weren't very flavorful at all. There's a Polish restaurant in Syracuse (out in Solvay), called Eva's that has the most wonderful pierogi and in Dewitt you can buy some from the cute little old Polish ladies during the Orthodox church bake sale (plus the yummy desserts!). Mr. Lawyer and Melissa made some pretty yummy ones for Easter 2010 as well.
Mr. Lawyer's Polish Dinner
(from the kitchen of Mr. Lawyer)

P.S. Mr. Lawyer making pierogi, Easter 2010
Yeah. That's my apron.

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  1. Oh Jell, you've come such a long way from that "well you're Irish, you know how to make pierogies" night when we were attempting to heat up some frozen food =P Looove you!