Saturday, March 19, 2011

Our Italian Market Adventure!

This entry is about amazing food and yummy things but I didn't actually make anything and there's going to be a ton of pictures so I will actually use a page break, even though I despise them.
Today it was nice and warm (sundress time!) so Kevin and I ventured out to South Philly to explore the Italian Market. Best Saturday morning ever. I'm always a little camera happy so the following is a picture story of our adventure or as Kevin called it "It's a good day when you have cheese steak grease on your pants."
We started with a cheese steak from Pat's because Kevin thinks Pat's is better than Geno's but they cannot hold a candle to Jim's or Dalessandro's with Jim's being the ultimate winner. Following? I made Kevin order because I was afraid of the counter man. Hey, I watch Food Network and know he's grumpy plus there's all that whiz wit lingo business. Speaking of which I decided to get whiz wit because I had to try it before I knocked it and knocking it I am. It was acceptable but I will take real cheese over fake liquid cheese any day. I also agree with Kevin's informed opinion that Jim's is amazing for the following reasons: finer meat, moist meat, larger sandwich, good cheese, and more flavorful.
Onward to the market adventures!
We explored the outside vendors and went into some specialty shops like DiBruno Brothers and Claudio's. We finally found some white balsamic that Kevin has been hunting for. Cute little Italian food stores are the best. The main reason? There's always huge hunks of cheese hanging over your head.
Speaking of cheese...Claudio's had pieces of provolone that were as big as me! I'm in love.
They also have super-sized jars of Nutella which immediately went on my Christmas list.
And interesting pre-made seafood dishes that Kevin kind of wants to try sometime.
And aisles of awesomeness.
We also went into the Spice Corner where we picked up some dried peas (because Easter is just around the corner and Easter means Kevin's delicious Split Pea Soup with left over Easter ham!) and some Cream of Tartar (because one of these days I really am going to make a super fancy meringue!) We ended up at Anthony's Italian Coffee House for some delicious mochas.
Kevin also introduced me to "Irish Potato Candy", a traditional Philadelphia confection which is not Irish nor does it contain any potato (I know right?!) but they were amazing and went well with our mochas. I have already found a recipe and have added them to the "To Bake" list.
We sat on the patio and were all cool, serious and adult like.
Well....Kevin was.
The view from the patio, looking down at all the street vendors.
We took the subway down but walked all the way home in an attempt to work off that cheese steak.
Our loot!
I think we'll have to make a habit of this and go down there at least once a month to pick up yummy things and cheap fresh veggies.

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  1. Looks like a fun day. I'm envious. All I did was get hot and sweaty on the trails. I'm doing something wrong!