Saturday, March 26, 2011

Bits and Pieces

I must say that I make a pretty stellar vanilla milkshake. My chocolate ones aren't half bad either. I do tend to fail with strawberry. Mr. Lawyer says my vanilla milkshakes are some of the best ones he has ever had and I'm going to decide that it's not a boyfriend lie. My secret weapon?
Vanilla Bean Paste. It really does make a difference and it's so much better than vanilla extract. Not only is the flavor amazing but it adds little specks of vanilla bean that just up the game. Plus real vanilla beans are expensive unless they magically appear in your mailbox from some mystical tropical island (Hey Sandy!). Back to the milkshake. I have no exact recipe and wing it. It really depends on my mood. Sometimes you want a thick slurpy milkshake that requires a spoon and sometimes you want a smooth one that you can drink through a straw in 10 seconds so the milk to ice cream ratio varies. The good thing is that milkshakes are very forgiving you can add more milk/ice cream to fix it and not only do you reach your desired consistency but you also have more milkshake (and how is that a bad thing?!) I always add a good dollop of Vanilla Bean Paste. It's always awesome.
Vanilla Milkshakes
(the kitchen of Jenni)
Vanilla Ice Cream
Vanilla Bean Paste
1. Add your desired amount of ice cream and milk to blender and blend.
2. Blend in a good dollop of vanilla bean paste.
3. Enjoy one amazing milkshake.

I whipped up some vanilla milkshakes last night for our impromptu gathering and sous chef Amanda plated Nutella Graham Crackers (because Nutella is always a good idea). Now Nutella Graham Crackers tastes an awful lot like s'mores. Then Amanda made the amazing decision to dunk them into the milkshakes. S'more heaven.
And that's why we didn't have dinner last night.


  1. Can we get some vanilla bean paste when I am up this weekend?

  2. Woohoo, I got a shout out! Bwaha, now I want a tag like Mr. Lawyer has! (If you give a mouse a cookie.....she will ask for a tag!...but she isn't above bribing you with vanilla to get it...mice are shady like that). This looks super yum! If you're rockin' Tongan Blended yummy things - try my standby: frozen bananas, vanilla ice cream, whatever fruit juices you have (preferably mango, passionfruit, and lime) = 'Ifo Smoothie!